Qompact Roller Garage Door

Introducing Alluguard’s Qompact Roller garage door, the most secure residential garage door in the UK.

Alluguards Qompact Roller Garage Doorhas been independently tested at the Exova test centre and has been certified to STS 202 Burglary Resistance Level 2 (BR2). This makes the Qompact Roller the only garage door in the UK to be certified to this level.

So what makes the Alluguard Qompact Roller so good? It’s the strength of the design that makes it so secure, key features of which are;

  • Extruded aluminium slats as opposed to a double skinned aluminium slat with insulation infill that you find in most residential roller shutter garage doors.
  • The improvement to the slat design means that the Qompact Roller Garage Door has a hinge strength that is 27 times stronger than a perforated 40mm slip hinge.
  • Captive slats are a unique feature of this roller garage door. The door curtain is held captive within the guides with solid pins. This prevents the door curtain from being forced out of the guides, which is a target area for thieves breaking into roller garage doors.
  • Every roller garage door is supplied with a full box cover which is colour matched to the door.

Extra security must mean a louder operating door?

Thankfully with the Qompact Roller Garage Door the pins are polymer coated which keeps the operation of the door smooth and quiet.

Colour options on the Qompact Roller Garage Door

There are 3 standard colour options available;

  • Traffic White RAL 9016
  • White Aluminium RAL 9006
  • Anthracite Grey RAL 7016

For a surcharge Alluguard will also offer RAL colour matching on the Qompact Roller Garage Door.

Somfy Rolixo Control System offers Smarthome capability.

Somfy’s Rolixo Control system is setting the benchmark within the garage door industry and is widely used by a range of manufacturers. The Rolixo system features a wall mounted control unit with a wired safety sensor which monitors safety and features a courtesy light, 2 keygo RTS handsets and a built in alarm.

If you’re interested in Smart home technology the Rolixo is also compatible with Somfy’s Tahoma and Connexion systems, meaning that you can control your garage door from your phone, or even from your smart home hub.

Other features of the Alluguard Qompact Roller Door

  • Every door is tested and CE certified to directive EN 132411
  • Manual override as standard on all doors. If there is no other access to the garage it is possible for a low level manual override to be fitted.
  • Extensive 5 year manufacturers warranty
  • High wind resistance
  • Rolls into almost half the space of a traditional residential roller
  • A range of accessories including punched slats and external keypads

Alluguard’s commitment to the environment

Protecting the planet is as important as delivering a great quality product.

Below are a few of the key features

  • Qompact curtain is 100% recycled
  • Qompact shutter is 99% recycled
  • Qompact has no foam filling
  • Qompact is 99% Aluminium
  • Qompact is 60% Recycled
  • Qompact has no waste

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