Hormann Sectional Door Offer

The Hormann Sectional Door offer has been relaunched and is now available on all orders placed up until the Christmas shutdown.

Hormann, Europe’s largest garage door manufacturer will be offering all RAL colour woodgrain and silkgrain LPU 42 and LPU 67 sectional garage doors and side doors for the same price as a white door.

The Hormann Sectional Door offer coveds all LPU 42 & LPU 67 sectional doors ordered from Germany, including those with the following features;

  • wicket doors
  • 55mm or 90mm colour matched cover profiles
  • colour matched window frames

Hormann’s range of sectional garage doors are widely regarded as the best on the market. The are available as either a 42mm thick or 67mm thick double skinned steel (insulated) panel.

There are a host of designs available to fit in with most homes and as there are 16 standard paint finishes and over 200 special RAL colours all included in the Hormann Sectional Door Offer.

The Hormann LPU 42 has the widest choice when it comes to design and is available in a range of standard sizes or specially made to measure.

The Hormann LPU 67 is only available in M-ribbed or L-ribbed designs

The 16 standard paint colours which are available with a 4 week lead time are;

  • Traffic White (RAL 9016)
  • Grey Aluminium (RAL 9007)
  • White Aluminium (RAL 9006)
  • Terra Brown (RAL 8028)
  • Clay Brown (RAL 8003)
  • Ochre Brown (RAL 8001)
  • Window Grey (RAL 7040)
  • Light Grey (RAL 7035)
  • Stone Grey (RAL 7030)
  • Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016)
  • Fir Green (RAL 6009)
  • Moss Green (RAL 6005)
  • Pigeon Blue (RAL 5014)
  • Steel Blue (RAL 5011)
  • Ruby Red (RAL 3003)
  • Light Ivory (RAL 1015)

For more information on this or any of the other products we offer please give the office a call on 01243 379516