What types & brands of Roller Shutter Garage Doors are there?

There are many different brands of Roller Shutter Garage Doors. The Insulated – double skin aluminium Roller Shutter is the most popular Roller Shutter Garage Door and is an ideal choice for anyone who lives close to the coast, as Aluminium takes a lot longer to rust than a traditional steel garage door.

Garage Door manufacturers include:

• SWS, with the Seceuroglide classic, Seceuroglide excel and Seceuroglide compact roller
Hormann with the Rollmatic
Garador with the Garamatic
• Alluguard with the Alluguard 77 & Alluguard 55
• Garage Door Systems, with the Thermaroll 77 and Thermaroll 55
• Novoferm with the Novoroll 77 & Novoroll 55

The Uninsulated Garage Doors are much more like the industrial shutters that you will see on shop fronts. Some companies offer an extremely cost effective single skin roller and others offer more security conscious heavy duty rollers.

For Uninsulated Garage doors, manufacturers include:

• Garage Door Systems with the DuraRoll Steel Roller
• Cardale with the Steeline Roller Door
SWS SeceuroShield