What type of garage door is better, Manual or Automated?

The automated version of the Roller shutter garage door is a lot more common than it’s manual cousin and it’s easy to see why as you get some excellent features.

The automated roller shutter options come with a wall mounted control box, push button control and courtesy light, as well as 2 key fobs for operation. There are a huge number of additional features on offer from the main garage door manufacturers, these include:

• Optical safety edge so that the door doesn’t accidentally close on you, the car or the kids
• Manual override meaning that you can’t be locked out in the event of a power failure. For Garages that don’t have an access door, don’t worry. All major manufacturers will provide an external override so that you can always get in.
• Battery back ups
• A assortment of lighting options, both internal and external
• Wireless number key pads for external entry
• Alarm
• Security upgrades for police certification “secured by design”
• A number of design choices for the key fobs
• Upgrades to allow you to control your garage door via your phone or Smart Home device.