Decograin or Foil coated finishes on Roller Shutter Garage Doors?

Customers are often trying to match their garage door finish with that on the rest of their home, as such Decograin timber effect or foil coated finishes have become a popular choice on all types of garage doors, especially the roller shutter.
Originally the colour choice was somewhat limited, with Golden Oak and Rosewood being the first colour choices that were offered as timber effect. Now a days the choice has once again become greater and typical wood effect or decograin colours will include;

Now the choice is extensive and manufacturers are starting to use more and more foil finishes offered by Renolit. This market leading company a huge range of colours and textures on their foil coated plastics. Their even pushing the boundary when it comes to warranties which are now often in the region of 10-15 years. The foil coatings are available on a range of Roller Shutter Doors and we’re also able to use colour matched foils on the plastic trims which are used to finish the surround of your garage opening to perfectly complement your new door.
For more information on exactly what’s available please contact a member of the Emsworth Garage Doors sales team.