Hormann Thermo 65 Entrance Door

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Product Description

The Hormann Thermo 65 Entrance Door is a door that makes you feel welcome

If you would like to equip your homes main entrance with an attractive, high-quality door, then look no further than the Hormann Thermo 65 Entrance Door . The solid 65-mm-thick steel door leaf with PU rigid foam infill and the leaf profile on the inside made of composite material keep the cold out.

Reasons to buy Hormann Entrance Doors

  • All products are rigourously tested for endurance under real conditions ensuring the quality of the product
  • Extensive 5 year guarantee on the Hormann Thermo 65 Entrance Door range.
  • Hormann have an eye to the future and the planet. Over 70% of the engineer required to build the doors comes from green sources.
  • The Hormann Thermo 65 Entrance Door makes for an exquisite, elegant reception with no visible leaf profile.
  • High thermal insulation for your home meaning that you save energy for the long term and protect the environment. With a UD-value of up to approx. 0.87 W/ (m²·K), the Hormann Thermo 65 Entrance Door features excellent thermal insulation.
  • Break in resistant due to the multiple-point locking system. As standard, the doors are equipped with a 5-point security lock, allowing you to feel safe and secure in your home. Thermo65 styles are optionally available with RC 2 security equipment to make you feel even more secure in your own four walls.
  • 8mm thick laminated safety glass on the interior of the insulated glazing provides even more security for your home.
  • 18 standard colour choices and 5 Decograin colours

Custom Equipment available with your Hormann Entrance doors

  • Automatic locks, which can be opened by a transponder or radio finger-scan.
  • Electric strike. With this catch you can conveniently open your door via a switch inside the house, or toggle the locking lever so that the entrance door can be opened by a slight push from the outside.
  • Door drip, which diverts driving rain and is easy to retrofit.
  • A range of glazing is available for your entrance door.

Colour options with the Hormann Thermo 65 Entrance Door Entrance door range

  • Low cost Traffic white as standard

17 preferred colours

  1. RAL 9016 Traffic white
  2. RAL 9007 Grey aluminium
  3. RAL 9006 White aluminium
  4. RAL 9002 Grey white
  5. RAL 9001 Cream
  6. RAL 8028 Terra brown
  7. RAL 8003 Clay brown
  8. RAL 7040 Window grey
  9. RAL 7035 Light grey
  10. RAL 7016 Anthracite grey
  11. RAL 6005 Moss green
  12. RAL 5014 Pigeon blue
  13. RAL 5010 Gentian blue
  14. RAL 3004 Purple red ? NEW
  15. RAL 3003 Ruby red
  16. RAL 3000 Flame red
  17. RAL 1015 Light ivory

5 Decograin Colours

  • Golden Oak: medium brown, golden yellow oak design
  • Dark Oak: walnut-coloured oak decor
  • Night Oak: dark, intense oak design
  • Winchester Oak: natural-coloured knotty oak design
  • Titan Metallic CH 703: Anthracite with a metallic effect