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The Hormann Panelled Sectional Garage Door is one of Hormann’s most popular products and it’s easy to see why. It comes in 2 options the insulated double-skinned steel panel, known as the LPU42 and the uninsulated single skinned steel LTE.

Typically the Hormann Panelled Sectional is designed to be rear mounted on the back of your brickwork, giving the maximum possible opening width to the garage. Opening straight upward as opposed to swinging out like a traditional up & over garage door, the sectional offers it owners the ability to park right in front of the garage without ever having to worry about leaving room for the door to open.

Hormann Panelled sectional doors are available in a range of colours. They come in Traffic White (RAL 9016) as standard, there are also 15 colours to choose from in the standard Hormann Colour Range, as well as a range of Wood effect finishes. If you still can’t find the colour that you’re looking for Hormann will offer around 200 colours from the RAL colour chart as well as in many NCS and DB colours but of course these come at a premium.

Standard colours available with  Hormann Panelled Sectional Garage Doors. Please note that the Hormann Panelled sectional is only available with a Woodgrain finish

  1. Traffic White (RAL 9016)
  2. Grey Aluminium (RAL 9007)
  3. White Aluminium (RAL 9006)
  4. Terra Brown (RAL 8028)
  5. Window Grey (RAL 7040)
  6. Light Grey (RAL 7035)
  7. Stone Grey (RAL 7030)
  8. Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016)
  9. Fir Green (RAL 6009)
  10. Moss Green (RAL 6005)
  11. Light Ivory (RAL 1015)
  12. Basalt Grey (RAL 7012)
  13. Slate Grey (RAL 7015)
  14. Quartz Grey (RAL 7039)
  15. Jet Black (RAL 9005)

Hormann Panelled Sectional Garage Door sare also available in Decograin with five natural looking timber designs and with an anthracite metallic effect. An embossed wood grain gives it an authentic timber character. The garage door remains beautiful for a long time thanks to the special surface protection of the UV-resistant plastic film coating on the outside of the steel sections.

  1. Decograin Golden Oak: medium brown, golden yellow oak design
  2. Decograin Dark Oak: walnut-coloured oak decor
  3. Decograin Night Oak: dark, intense oak design
  4. Decograin Rosewood: mahogany-coloured timber design
  5. Decograin Winchester Oak: natural-coloured knotty oak design
  6. Anthracite Metallic CH 703: Anthracite with a metallic effect

Hormann Sectional garage doors are designed to be fitted behind the reveals and side frames are supplied White in colour. Cover profiles are available to colour match. In between reveal fixing kits are also now available if required.

Handles & Emergency Release options on The Hormann Panelled Sectional Garage Door 
If your garage does not have a second entrance, you can optionally open your automatic garage door from the outside with a beautifully designed handle or an understated emergency release lock.

Door Handles available on The Hormann Panelled Sectional Garage Door
Hörmann door handles are set apart by a contemporary, modern shape. Here, the selection of material is not just a question of personal taste. For example, stainless steel handles are particularly robust and have a tough surface finish.
The lock can be integrated in the home locking system. Manually operated doors with a handle are locked and break-in-resistant with a latch lock . In this lock, a sturdy, automatic latching disc engages around a massive bolt on the side frame.

  1. Black plastic
  2. White cast aluminium, RAL 9016
  3. Silver cast aluminium
  4. Brushed stainless steel
  5. Polished stainless steel
  6. Brown cast aluminium, RAL 8028
  7. Latch lock Emergency release lock

Emergency release on The Hormann Panelled Sectional Garage Door
If you do not want a handle on your automatic sectional door, we recommend using an emergency release lock . An inconspicuous round cylinder (cannot be integrated in the home locking system) releases your garage door and you can easily open it in the case of an emergency.
You can also use a lever handle as an emergency release in automatic sectional doors. The door is then unlocked via a Bowden cable on the inside.

Window options for The Hormann Panelled Sectional Garage Door
Depending on the door type, you can select from various types of glazings with clear or textured single or double-panes. Clear synthetic
glazing from Hörmann comes as standard with DURATEC glazing.

It offers:
• Maximum scratch resistance
• A permanently clear view
• Improved thermal insulation

Wicket door options for The Hormann Panelled Sectional Garage Door
A door in the door lets you easily access whatever you have in your garage, such as gardening tools, bikes or wheelbarrows. Only Hörmann offers a wicket door with a stainless steel threshold that is only 10 mm in the centre and 5 mm high at the sides. This reduces the risk of tripping up and makes it easier to wheel things through. The aluminium door frame is anodised as standard in a natural finish and is also
available in the door colour. The top garage door section, also in the wicket door area, comes with a continuous lintel seal.

Automation on the The Hormann Panelled Sectional Garage Door
Hormann Operators are available in a range of power levels to suit your needs but all come with a variety of different options available and nearly all are fitted with the latest rolling code remote control technology.

When paired with a Hörmann motor the T-ribbed sectional gains Hörmann’s Secured by Design Accreditation.

Hormann offer the Promatic and Supramatic operators in a range of power levels, some of which come with additional features, such as;
-Bi-directional technology
-Multi speed for soft open and close
-Self closing timer option
-Remote status query, this feature allows to see if your door is open or closed by looking at the remote.
-Half open feature for ventilation
-Design choices, including colour matched handsets.
-Operate using your phone or Ap.
-Wall mounted push buttons, keypads and finger scanners