Hormann 2004 Georgian

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Product Description

The Hormann 2004 Georgian is part of Hormann’s range of steel panel up & over garage doors, which are available as canopy or retractable doors. The Canopy garage door is available for all single size garage doors (up to 8′ / 2439mm in width) and features a front mounted torsion spring and doesn’t have any tracks tuning back into the garage. The retractable garage door is available or all single and double garage doors (up to 16′ / 4879mm in width) and has tracks that run back into the garage, along with the central brace bar. The retractable garage door is designed to be automated.

The door leaf and optional box sectional steel frame on the Hormann 2004 Georgian are both made of galvanised steel that is polyester powder coated on both sides.

The finish on the on the Hormann 2004 Georgian is extremely durable and comes in Traffic White RAL 9016 as standard as well as 6 colour options.

  • Terra Brown RAL 8028
  • Signal Blue RAL 5005
  • Steel Blue RAL 5011
  • Moss Green RAL 6005
  • Ruby Red RAL3003
  • Jet Black RAL 9005

Features of the Hormann 2004 Georgian Garage Door

  • 10 year limited warranty
  • Deep, crisp and elegant panel pressing
  • Low maintenance and matches most modern and traditional homes
  • Rivet free panel with durable paint finish
  • Strong box section chassis and constructed from high grade galvanised steel
  • Full technical and warranty support available
  • Full range of sizes including doubles and made to measure