Garador Kenmore GRP

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Product Description

The Garador Kenmore GRP garage door has a classic design which integrates well into the architecture of both traditional and more modern housing. As with all GRP doors, the surface finish of the Garador Kenmore GRP garage door can vary between a close grain, which looks like a carefully sanded wood, and a wide grain has a more rustic character

Features of the Garador Kenmore GRP garage door

  • 10 year limited warranty
  • Virtually maintenance free GRP panel
  • Strong box section chassis constructed from high grade galvanised steel
  • Authentic timber look and available in 9 woodgrain colour finishes
  • Secure euro cylinder with solid locking rods

Available options on the Garador GRP Garage Door Range

  • Canopy gear available on door sizes up to 2439mm wide and 2136mm high garage doors
  • Retractable gear
  • Retractable plus gear available on 1931, 1981 and 2136mm high garage doors up to 2439mm wide
  • Factory pre-framed standard single garage doors
  • Door without inside flow-coat
  • Additional Lock Kit, C-type/R-type (fitted onto garage door)

Available finishes for the Garador GRP garage door range;

  • Ebony
  • Rosewood
  • Matt White
  • Honey
  • Cherry Oak
  • Golden Brown
  • Light Oak
  • Dark Oak
  • Golden Oaks

The Garador GRP range of Garage doors can easily be automated with a Garamatic operator, so that you can enter your garage without leaving the comfort of your car. The Canopy version of the door requires a Garador Bow Arm in order to automate, where as the rectractable version was designed to be automated.