Garador Cathedral Side Hinged

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Product Description

The Garador Cathedral side hinged door is built of steel and comes pre-framed in a factory fitted steel frame. The Garador Cathedral side hinged door provides the option of being used as a pedestrian door with the 1/3rd 2/3rd door split, or a more conventional set of side opening garage doors with the 50/50 split door configuration.

The Garador Cathedral side hinged door comes with a lever handle set as standard, this combines internal and external handles which are also available in a range of different materials as an extra. The Garador Cathedral side hinged door uses a euro barrel lock, the inactive door has a floor mounted shoot bolt and an additional shoot bolt which locks behind the steel frame. For locations that are particularly windy it is advisable to get a set of Garador door stays which will keep the doors open.

Features of the Garador Cathedral Side Hinged

  • 10 year limited warranty
  • Both doors open outwards providing unrestricted space within the garage
  • Constructed from high grade galvanised steel
  • Weather strips around 3 sides of the door to help prevent draughts
  • Shoot bolt latch at top and bottom of door for security
  • Centre style helps prevent forced entry to locking system

Available Options on the Garador Cathedral Side Hinged

  • Door stays (pair)
  • Left hand leaf leading

18 Standard Garador colours are available on all of the Garador Steel Side hinged range of Garage Doors

  1. Traffic White (based on RAL 9016)
  2. Moss Green (based on RAL 6005)
  3. Ruby Red (based on RAL 3003)
  4. Signal Blue (based on RAL 5005)
  5. Jet Black (based on RAL 9005)
  6. Terra Brown (based on RAL 8028)
  7. Steel Blue (based on RAL 5011)
  8. Light Ivory (based on RAL 1015)
  9. Pigeon Blue (based on RAL 5014)
  10. Fir Green (based on RAL 6009)
  11. Anthracite Grey (based on RAL 7016)
  12. Stone Grey (based on RAL 7030)
  13. Light Grey (based on RAL 7035)
  14. Clay Brown (based on RAL 8003)
  15. Window Grey (based on RAL 7040)
  16. Chartwell Green
  17. Golden Oak (solid)
  18. Rosewood (solid)