Garador Ascot

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Product Description

The Garador Ascot is part of Garador’s more recent releases of Steel Up & over garage doors. The Garador Ascot offers a reliable steel up & over garage door with a modern look, that is perfect for modern and new build homes, and those with traditional architectural features. The Garador Ascot garage door is constructed from high grade galvanised steel and has a durable powder coat finish on the front and rear of the panel which is rivet free panel for an impeccably smooth appearance.

Features of the Garador Ascot steel up & over garage door

  • 10 year limited warranty
  • Low maintenance and long lasting
  • Strong box section chassis with superior lifting gear
  • Secure euro cylinder with solid locking rods
  • Matches most modern and traditional homes
  • Full range of sizes including doubles and made to measure

Available Options on the Garador Ascot steel up & over garage door

  • Canopy gear available on certain garage door sizes up to 2439mm wide and 2136mm high garage doors
  • Retractable gear
  • Retractable plus gear available on 1931, 1981 and 2136mm high doors up to 2439mm wide
  • Factory pre-framed purpose-made garage doors
  • Poly-wrapping (free of charge on coloured garage doors)
  • Bottom weatherseal, 2405mm length (up to 15mm between the garage door and floor level)
  • Bottom weatherseal, 3000mm length (up to 15mm between the door and floor level)
  • Additional Lock Kit, C-type/R-type (fitted onto garage door)

18 Standard colours available on the full Garador Up & Over Garage Doors

1 Traffic White (based on RAL 9016)
2 Moss Green (based on RAL 6005)
3 Ruby Red (based on RAL 3003)
4 Signal Blue (based on RAL 5005)
5 Jet Black (based on RAL 9005)
6 Terra Brown (based on RAL 8028)
7 Steel Blue (based on RAL 5011)
8 Light Ivory (based on RAL 1015)
9 Pigeon Blue (based on RAL 5014)
10 Fir Green (based on RAL 6009)
11 Anthracite Grey (based on RAL 7016)
12 Stone Grey (based on RAL 7030)
13 Light Grey (based on RAL 7035)
14 Clay Brown (based on RAL 8003)
15 Window Grey (based on RAL 7040)
16 Pastel Green (based on RAL 6019)
17 Golden Oak (solid)
18 Rosewood (solid)

4 handle choices across the Garador Up & Over garage door range

  • Standard black handle
  • Brass Effect handle
  • Chrome Effect handle
  • White handle

The Garador Ascot Up & Over Garage Door can be automated using one of Garadors Electrical operators;

  • Garamatic 9
  • Garamatic 10
  • Garamatic 20