Burnham side hinged & personnel

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Product Description

The Burnham side hinged & personnel cedar garage door is part of the Woodrite York Range of side hinged & personnel doors.

Woodrite’s York range of side hinged garage doors and personnel doors are made with selected cedar mouldings, cedar tongue and groove boards and raised and fielded cedar panels depending on the design.

Woodrite’s Burnham side hinged & personnel doors are constructed using traditional build methods employing mortice and tenoned joints. The side, top and bottom rails are all machined used 43mm thick timbers and rebated centre rails eliminate gaps between panels for added security.

The Burnham Side hinged & personnel doors are hung with three butt hinges per leaf. Side hinged doors have a night latch and finger pull (commonly used on front doors.)

Personnel doors have a mortice lock and lever set as standard. Side hinged doors have shoot bolts top and bottom to secure the inactive leaf and door stays to hold the door in thae open position.

Made to measure size side hinged doors are available from 3’ – 8’ high and in widths from 6-10’. Made to measure personnel doors are available between 2’- 4’ in width.

Woodrite Cedar doors are treated with a base coat ready for staining. Factory finished doors are available in a range of colours. Woodrite uses TEKNOS wood finish system for all of their doors and recommends this for on site finishing.

  1. Walnut
  2. Burnt Oak
  3. Light Oak
  4. Antique Oak
  5. Chestnut
  6. Mahogany
  7. Teak
  8. Pale Oak
  9. Silver
  10. Silver Grey
  11. Ice Silver
  12. Slate Grey

Frame options on the Burnham side hinged (70mm x 90mm) & personnel doors (70mm rebated).

  • Harwood
  • Softwood
  • Cedar Clad Softwood
  • Cedar Clad Hardwood
  • Idigbo
  • Accoya

Furniture pack options with the Burnham side hinged & personnel doors

  • Contemporary (comes as standard), is available with brass, black or silver effect hinges and finger pull bolts and black or white stays
  • Classic  (£65 upgrade) is a wide strap hinge, available in black or silver effect hinges finger pull bolts and white stays
  • Traditional (£85 upgrade) is a narrow strap hing only available in Black.

The Burnham side hinged & personnel doors come without a threshold as standard but they are available as an upgrade. The Hardwood Thresholds are 35mm thick and a maximum of 180mm deep and are available between 4′-10′ on the side hinged garage doors and  2′-4′ on the personnel doors.

The Woodrite York range come with a comprehensive guarantee