Alutech Trend Microwave

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Product Description

The Alutech Trend Microwave is a Sectional door. The elegant microwaves on the surface of the door leaf emphasise the modern architecture of new buildings.


The external surface texture of a panel is Woodgrain and can come in 23 standard colours. These are:

  • White – RAL 9016
  • Cream – RAL 9001
  • Light Ivory – RAL 1015
  • Light Grey – RAL 7035
  • Stone Grey – RAL 7030
  • Quartz Grey – RAL 7039
  • White Aluminium – RAL 9006
  • Grey Aluminium – RAL 9007
  • Window Grey – RAL 7040
  • Graphite Grey – RAL 7024
  • Anthracite – RAL 7016
  • Jet Black – RAL 9005
  • Flame Red – RAL 3000
  • Ruby Red – RAL 3003
  • Burgundy – RAL 3004
  • Moss Green – RAL 6005
  • Fir Green – RAL 6009
  • Nut Brown – RAL 8011
  • Terra Brown – RAL 8028
  • Brown – RAL 8014
  • Pigeon Blue – RAL 5014
  • Gentian Blue – RAL 5010
  • Steel Blue – RAL 5011

Special RAL colours available on request. Internal finish of the panel is textured. It is a standard colour: White-and-grey (close to RAL 9002).

Key Characteristics:

  • The thickness of a sandwich panel is 40mm
  • Roller brackets and intermediate hinges are made of galvanised steel
  • Can be installed as reveal fit between the brickwork or face fit behind the brickwork
  • Curtain balancing with tension springs or torsion springs
  • The maximum size of the garage doors is 6000 x 3000mm

Wide Opportunities of Installation

  • Colour matched side and top profile means that Trend doors are able to be positioned slightly into the opening if desired.
  • These elements are manufactured from hot-dipped galvanised steel, which is further coated with a protective lacquer coating. At your request vertical leg profiles and front fascia header can be painted in the colour of the door leaf so that it will add to the doors harmonious appearance.

Protection Against Corrosion 

  • In heavy rainfall water can collect at the bottom of the doors. The plastic base of the side profile minimises the possibility of corrosion in high humidity environments, providing an attractive appearance for both door panels and door frame.

Long-lasting Operational Life

  • As an optional upgrade the spring mechanism for side sprung doors can be fully enclosed, to eliminate finger entrapment and to enhance the doors internal appearance.
  • The lifetime of springs is up to 15,000 open/close cycles, equivalent to 10 years of service with 4 times daily opening/closing during the period.

Effective Safety

  • Torsion springs are equipped with spring breaks that stop the door leaf from falling in the case of spring breakage. This protection system is supplied at no extra cost to ensure safe operation.
  • ALUTECH doors comply with European standard EN 13241-1, EN 12604, EN 12453, EN 12424, EN 12425, EN 12426.

Protection Against Draughts

  • Adjustable roller brackets, allow the top panel to seal directly to the top profile. This is greatly reduces draughts and heat loss.
  • This adjustment will be set to its optimum during installation. It is also possible to make fine adjustments over the years to ensure your Alutech door will always be energy efficient.

Silent Movement

  • Alutech are one of the only few manufacturers that include ball race bearings within the rollers. This allows for a much smoother operation, reducing the amount of noise from the door. These bearings are of a closed type that are protected from dust and moisture, and do not require any lubrication.


Wicket Door

Built in Wicket Doors are a practical and convenient solution. It allows you to enter into the garage without opening the garage door, saving time and effort.

Standard Threshold: 145mm

For doors more than 4500 x 3000 mm.

  • Wicket with standard threshold has a reinforced construction.
  • Designed for larger doors it is mounted into the doors with maximum dimensions. Maximum dimensions of doors with wicket are 6000 x 3000 mm.

Low Threshold, 100 mm

For doors less than 4500 x 3000 mm. Wicket with low threshold conforms to requirements of fine safety.It can be installed where an emergency exit is required.

Flat Threshold: 20mm

Wicket threshold is only 18-20 mm. Due to its shape such a threshold ensures maximum convenience in the process of operation. Flat threshold provides unhampered passing for bicycles and carts through the wicket. Maximum dimensions of doors with wicket are 5000 x 3000 mm.

Standard colours for the frame of the wicket door

Colour of wicket handle matches the colour of wicket frame.

  • Brown (powder coating, colour close to RAL 8014)
  • Silver Aluminium (anodized coating, colour A00-D6)

Other non standard colours are available on request. It is possible to paint the wicket profiles in other colours according to RAL catalogue.

Matching Side Doors

Side doors are manufactured from the same insulated panel as a sectional door. They fit harmoniously into the facade of the building, perfectly complementing each other.

The external frame of the side door is manufactured from extruded aluminium and can be finished in the same colour as the door leaf. Side doors can be installed to open to left or right and open to the inside or outside of the garage.

Doors can be mounted as in between the brickwork opening or to the inside face to suit the customers specification. EPDM polyurethane sealing inserts are located along the door perimeter to ensure a reliable seal to the opening.


The side doors come in a variation of styles, colours and finishes to match the garage door. The Alutech Trend Microwave comes in the same 23 standard colours as the garage door.

Standard colour of side door profiles:

  • Silver metallic (close to RAL 9006)
  • White (close to RAL 9016)
  • Grey-Brown (close to RAL 8019)

However, it is possible to paint the side door profiles in other colours according to RAL catalogue.


  • Windows – Windows are available in Trend doors, to suit any panel design you choose. Glazing for garage doors provide natural light and saves energy. They also contribute to the aesthetics of the door. These windows come in Classic Rectangular, Decorative glazing Cross, Decorative glazing Sunrise, Classical Round and Classical Square. A choice of round or square windows with stainless steel frames are also available for a contemporary design.
  • Lock – For manually operated doors, you can choose a colour coordinated high security locking device. Key operated from the outside, your lock can be positioned in either the middle, left or right hand side of the door.
  • External Release for Electric Doors – Where there is no other access into the garage, we offer an external manual release to allow the door to be opened in the event of a power failure.


In-between Brickwork Installation

Unlimited Options for Mounting Garage Doors

The NEW L-Shaped cover profiles are a combination of two new sizes, 100mm and 120mm, along with newly designed brackets for the frame legs and header section, which provides the appearance of a bespoke-made door and frame. All are available in the current range of colours offered by JD (UK) Ltd.

The new cover profile sizes can be interchanged between frame leg and head frame. The main advantage is that the Alutech door and new Levigato automation can be installed in only 120mm of headroom.