Alutech Prestige Cassette

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Product Description

The Alutech Prestige Cassette garage door is a highly efficient, 45mm sandwich panel sectional that integrates 20 years of ALUTECH Group of Companies experience and global technical innovations. ALUTECH Prestige doors are reliable and can be customised to suit the design preference of any customer.

Features of the Alutech Prestige Cassette:

  • “WARM” SANDWICH PANEL – Sandwich panels of 45 mm thickness ensure high energy efficiency as they are one of the thickest and warmest in Europe.
  • RELIABLE SEALING – Adjustable roller brackets to ensure greater door closer to seals.
  • ADAPTATION TO HEAVY FROST – Two wings EPDM sealing preserves flexibility even at low temperatures. Air chamber between the wings provides additional thermal insulation.
  • PROTECTION AGAINST DELAMINATION – Closed contour of steel sheets protects the sandwich panels against delamination. Therefore, the doors preserve the attractive aesthetics for many years.
  • INTENSITY OF OPERATION – Spring lifetime is 25000 open close cycles. That corresponds to 17 years of operation with 4 open close cycles per day. 
  • ADAPTATION TO HIGH HUMIDITY – Stainless steel AISI430 fittings guarantee reliable door operation and resistance to corrosion even when installed in premises with high humidity.

Extra options available:

  • Break-in Protection System Class RC2 – It is used for additional security available for Torsion sprung systems.
  • Inbuilt Wicket-door – Enables access to the garage without entire opening of the door. As a result, product lifetime is extended and extra heat losses are excluded.
  • Inbuilt Windows – With different forms, glazing types and frame colours, they are used for additional lighting of the garage. 
  • Air Grids – Ensure natural air supply to the garage. Adjustable and non adjustable options are available. 
  • Key Lock – Enables opening/closing of doors from outside and inside, that is required for garages without additional entrance.

The Alutech Prestige Cassette door is available in Woodgrain.

Colours available for the Alutech Prestige Cassette door:

  • RAL 9016 – Traffic White
  • RAL 8014 – Sepia Brown
  • Golden Oak
  • Dark Oak
  • Cherry