Alluguard 77

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Product Description

The Alluguard 77 roller shutter is an automated garage door designed for our modern way of life. The door itself is made from a double skin aluminium with an insulation infill, it has a tube motor which lifts the door vertically and comes with a wall mounted control box (with courtesy light and push buttons) as well as 2 handsets for operation.

Like all roller shutter’s the Alluguard 77 has a couple of key features which help it stand out from other types of garage door.

Roller Shutter vs traditional up & over garage doors.

Roller Garage Doors open vertically, which is a huge advantage for homes with a small driveway, meaning that you get closer to the garage door when parking. It is also a great feature  for homes that have access directly onto busy street as you won’t be at risk of hitting passing pedestrians.

Space saving

Unlike traditional up & over garage doors, or the more modern sectional garage doors, roller shutters take up less space Because the door is designed to roll up into a space of only 300mm or 1ft. The roller shutter door typically sits behind the brickwork which allows a traditional framework to be removed and therefore can increase the drive through width on offer in your garage. In cases where headroom is at a real premium it is possible to fit the roll externally.

Is Security a top priority

Alluguard have gone one step further and an alarm to the garage door, which employs magnetic contacts on the bottom of the garage door to monitor the door’s position when locked. If an attempt is made to lever the bottom of the garage door upwards the alarm is triggered to deter intruders.

All of these security features are great but in a modern world people don’t always respond to alarms so when considering which Roller Shutter Garage Door to purchase you also need to consider the locking mechanism itself. The Alluguard 77 has a locking ring that holds the door curtain in the closed position and pulls the door curtain upwards. This is a huge improvement over the conventional method other roller shutter garage door manufacturers use.

The Alluguard 77 also boasts Alluguard’s Secured by Design Accreditation.

Insulated garage doors – An eye on the future

In the 21st century many of use no longer use our garage to store our cars, instead the garage has been converted into a usable space within the home and as such insulation and thermal efficiency are key considerations to many when selecting a suitable garage door.

The AlluGuard 77 roller shutter is designed to give thermal and acoustic insulating properties to your home which much higher than the
average garage door. ‘CFC’ Free Polyurethane Foam within the Aluminium Lath combined with high performance weather sealing
ensures good insulation to your garage.

Colour choices with Alluguard 77 Roller Shutters

The garage door curtain is available powdercoat finished in a range of solid
colours as well as wood effects. It is also available in a range of wood effect laminate or decograin finishes which have a texture to them to give the appearance of timber. The rear of the garage door slats is finished to match the front on powder coated doors and in white on the wood finishes.

  • White RAL 9016
  • Cream RAL 9001
  • Home Cream RAL 1015
  • Black RAL 9011
  • Anthracite Grey RAL 7016
  • Silver RAL 9006
  • Graphite
  • Pale Grey RAL 7038
  • Burgundy RAL 3004
  • Ruby Red RAL 3003
  • Blue RAL 5011
  • Duck Egg Blue BS 18 E 50
  • Chartwell Green BS 14 C 35
  • Racing Green RAL 6009
  • Moss Green RAL 6005
  • Mocca Brown RAL 8019
  • Rosewood Painted & Decograin
  • Golden Oak Painted & Decograin
  • Walnut Painted
  • Irish Oak Painted
  • Mahogany Decograin
  • Black Decograin