Alluguard 55

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Product Description

The AlluGuard 55 is a Compact Roller Shutter Garage Door, which is designed to give thermal and acoustic insulating properties far greater than the average Up & Over Garage Door.

This roller shutter garage door is built of a double skin aluminium slat with a CFC Free Polyurethane Foam infill. The slat profile on the Compact Roller Shutter Garage Door is 55mm, as opposed to 77mm that you see with the traditional classic roller slat. This reduced slat size means that the curtain rolls up into 205mm when in the open position, as opposed to 300mm required by the classic slat. This makes the AlluGuard 55 Compact Roller Shutter an idea solution if you’ve got limited head room in your garage.

As roller garage doors operate vertically, rolling into a compact coil within the garage, above the opening. Not only does this mean you can park right up to the garage door, but valuable space is not taken up inside your garage which could be used for storage.

The AlluGuard 55’s corrosion resistant Aluminium slats are light but strong and come finished in a range of Solid and textured woodgrain finishes.

The AlluGuard 55 Features:

  1. Power fail override – If the power fails, a simple hand crank is used to operate the door.
  2. External power fail override – An optional external crank with lockable access is also available should there be no other access to the garage.
  3. Keeps out the weather – Weather resistance is excellent with a rubber compression seal (not watertight) to the bottom of the door and a brush strip within the guides.
  4. Smooth & quiet – The lock straps create a smooth running surface to help reduce operating noise.
  5. Safe – The safety edge stops and reverses the travel of the door on contact with an obstruction.
  6. Powerful – Concealed within the barrel of the door is a powerful and quiet motor that drives the door and holds the curtain locked when closed.
  7. Secure – Security is excellent with strong locking straps that prevent forced lifting of the door.
  8. Complete control – The wall-mounted control unit has a courtesy light to guide your way and push button control for the door. The alarm is also housed in the control unit that sounds on an attempt to force up the door from the bottom slat.
  9. Fur lined – The front edge of the door box has a line of synthetic fur to increase weather protection and help reduce draughts.

Colour choices with the AlluGuard 55

AlluGuard’s wide choice of finishes ensure your new garage door not only looks good for years to come, but also complements the look of your home.

Low maintenance powdercoat finish for AlluGuard 55 garage doors are available in these classic colours:

  • White RAL 9016
  • Light Beige BS 08B17
  • Home Cream RAL 1015
  • Silver Metallic RAL 9006
  • Black RAL 9005
  • Anthracite Grey RAL 7016
  • Burgundy RAL 3004
  • Pale Grey RAL 7038
  • Blue RAL 5011
  • Racing Green RAL 6009
  • Brown RAL 8014
  • Chartwell Green BS 14 C 35

Wood-effect powdercoat

Low maintenance powdercoat wood e?ect finish for AlluGuard 55 garage doors are available in these classic colours:

  • Mahogany
  • Golden Oak
  • Rosewood

The Door Curtain – The door curtain is available powdercoat finished in the solid colours and wood effects. The rear of the door slats is finished to match the front.

The Door Guides – The guides colour match the door curtain colour as standard on all solid powdercoat colours. Wood effect powdercoat doors are supplied with White, Brown or Black guides.

The Door Roll Box – Doors are supplied with a half roll box as standard but are available as an option with a full roll box. These are finished to match the door guides for all solid colours. The roll box for the Rosewood, Golden Oak and Mahogany doors are finished in White, Brown or Black.

Special Laminate finishes

In addition to the standard colour ranges, you can also order your door in the special laminate finishes that are listed below. The laminate colours are selected from the Renolit Exofol high-performance films range for exterior applications. Renolit Exofol is the market leader, and its multi-layered structure protects and decorates many architectural surfaces such as windows and are ideal for garage doors. Finishes have a 10-year warranty against perforation of the substrate. Doors with special laminates are available with the rear face of the door finished in White or Brown. White is standard for all solid colours, brown for wood effects. The guides and box are finished in White, Brown or Black.

The laminate finishes are available in the following colours:

  • Steel Blue RAL 5011
  • Brilliant Blue RAL 5007
  • Moss Green RAL 6005
  • Dark Green RAL 6009
  • Chartwell Green BS 14 C 35
  • Wine Red RAL 3005
  • Dark Red RAL 3011
  • White RAL 9010
  • Crystal White RAL 9003
  • Cream White RAL 9001
  • Ice Cream
  • Hazy Grey RAL 7001
  • Signal Grey Smooth RAL 7004
  • Quartz Grey RAL 7039
  • Basalt Grey RAL 7012
  • Anthracite Grey RAL 7016
  • Slate Grey RAL 7015
  • Basalt Grey Smooth RAL 7012
  • Anthracite Grey Smooth RAL 7016
  • Slate Grey Finesse RAL 7015
  • Agate Grey RAL 7038

Wood effect laminate finishes for the AlluGuard 55 are available in the following colours:

  • Dark Oak
  • Irish Oak
  • Golden Oak
  • Light Oak
  • Mahogany
  • Black Cherry
  • Sherwood
  • Walnut
  • Anteak

Custom Colour Finishes

In addition to the standard colours and special laminate ranges, you can also order your door in a custom colour.

AlluGuard’s custom painting service can create custom paint colours. Whether there’s a RAL colour, a Farrow & Ball colour, a Little Greene shade or a Dulux Trade colour that you would like your garage door to be similar to, the wet-spay process uses paint mixed to match your chosen shade and gives a finish that is warranted for five years with suitable care and cleaning. Custom coloured doors are available with guides and box finished in White, Brown or Black.

As an option, the front face of the guides and the front face of the box are available painted to match the door curtain colour with the inner surfaces in White, Brown, or Black. The rear face of the door is available in White or Brown.

The convenience of a Roller Shutter Garage Door

Operating vertically and rolling away into a compact coil within the garage means that this type of garage door takes up less space inside your garage than a traditional garage door. This design feature also means that with a roller shutter you can park right up to the garage without ever having to worry about the garage door swinging out and hitting your car.
The AlluGuard 55 rolls up into a 205mm coil, which is even less than it’s cousin the AlluGuard 77, which rolls into a 300mm coil. Like a larger roller the door typically sits behind the brickwork, allowing all of the traditional framework of a garage door to be removed. This can increase the drive through width on a average garage by up to 6″ or 150mm.

Automation & controls by SOMFY

When it comes to tube motors on roller shutter garage doors the name that everyone looks out for is SOMFY. Somfy are a French manufacturer who in our opinion build the best tube motors for garage doors. All somfy motors come with a comprehensive 5 year manufacturers warranty.
Somfy also lead the way when it comes to the control system and safety device. The Somfy Rolixo is setting new standards through out the garage door industry and is now the benchmark that many others are striving for.
The Somfy Rolixo control system comes with a wall mounted control box, which has a courtesy light, push button control and built in alarm. The Rolixo safety edge comes wireless or hardwired, with the later offering greater reliability and ease of use for customers. All Rolixo control systems come with 2 Key go handsets for external operation and a full 5 year warranty on all parts, including electrical (which is unknown in the industry).

The Rolixo System is also geared up for the future and is compatible with Somfy’s Tahoma (SMART HOME HUB). With the Tahoma add on users are able to control their garage door from an app on their phone. The Tahoma system is also compatible with most Smart Home hubs, such as Elixir or Hive.

All AlluGuard garage doors come with the following:

  • Rollixo RTS Wireless or Wired Control Unit
  • 2 Keygo RTS Keyfobs
  • Electrical Wireless Safety Edge/Optical Wired Safety Edge

Remote control

Compact, stylish and keyfob friendly, the Somfy remote controls your doors and can also be programmed to control gates, lights and more in one stylish handset. Two are supplied as standard and more can easily be added.

Safety Edge

Peace of mind protection for you and your family. The doors’ bottom edge rubber seal incorporates an electric or optical sensor along its length to detect obstructions and instantly stop and reverse the door a short distance when closing.Wireless and wired versions are available certified and marked as safe to Directive EN 13241-1.

For more information on the AlluGuard 55 compact Roller, or the Somfy Rolixo control system please contact a member of the Emsworth Garage Doors team.

Smart Living Starts with AlluGuard

AlluGuard have embraced “Smart Living”. They have been using Somfy motors and controls on their garage doors for many years and they have extended into smart technology. Somfy’s Smart Home systems are the industries best!

  • Connexoon Access –  provides smart control of your garage door, gate and lighting.
  • Tahoma – The complete smart home solution for monitoring and operating your garage doors, gates, blinds, curtains, lights, electrical equipment, heating and home security.

Automation Accessories

Automated as standard, the features of the AlluGuard 55 garage door system is already at a luxury level. To further enhance day-to-day use, this range of control options provides extra flexibility.

  • Secure Metal Keypad (IP54) – The anti-vandal keypad with a metal case and secure smart rolling code technology, gives you peace of mind for secure access to your garage.
  • Smoove Wall Switch –  The Smoove wall switch, available in white or black and single and double ?ttings, add touch sensitive controls to your new door system.
  • Keygo Remote –  Two Keygo 4 RTS remote controls are supplied with every door. Extra remote controls can be added and are easy to programme.
  • Radio Wall Switch – This wall mounted wireless switch can be installed inside the garage or home for easy operation of your garage door. Also available wired.
  • Wired Key Switch  – This externally wall mounted key switch allows operation without the use of a hand transmitter and is an alternative to our keypads.
  • Wireless Digital Keypad – This externally wall mounted keypad will accept a 4 to 13 digital code to open and close your garage door without the hand transmitter.
  • Rocker Switch – This wall mounted wired rocker switch can be installed inside the garage or home for simple operation of your garage door.
  • Standard Receiver RTS – The waterproof standard receiver allows keyfobs, keypads and key switches to effortlessly control 3rd party products including gates. Can be externally mounted.
  • Lockable Override Cover – A lockable cover to protect the manual override access point on externally fitted doors.

Optional Door Accessories

  • Curtain roll box – AlluGuard 55 doors are supplied with half box as standard. Both half or full box has 205mm headroom on top of the guide height.
  • Vented laths – These are available in powder coated colours only.
  • Manual Exterior Release – For use in emergencies or in the event of power failure. The manual release allows the door to be opened manually from outside the garage – essential if the garage has no other entry point.