Coastal Property News

Coastal Property News

With summer now well underway and a bought of good weather urging many of us to get outside and enjoy the great British summertime, it’s now to consider a bit of general maintenance of your garage door.
When it comes to maintenance of your garage door you must treat like any other mechanical object and give it a little TLC. For Up & Over Garage doors the most important thing at this time of year is lubrication, especially for those in Coastal location including Portsmouth, Fareham, Gosport, Hayling Island, Emsworth, Bosham, Chichester, Selsey and the Witterings. The best thing to buy is a fine oil spray or silicone spray. This can then be applied to the springs, all pivot points and the tracks which the spindles run along.
When it comes to roller shutter garage doors and up & over garage doors with ribbed designs it is also very important to consider cleaning the outside of the garage door. Make the most of the warm weather and use either a hose or we sponge to clean off any excess dirt or salt, especially in those coastal locations such as Portsmouth, Hayling Island and the Chichester Harbour district.

An annual service carried out by a professional team of garage door engineers can also be a good idea at this time of year in order to make sure that everything is running smoothly before the weather turns and we head back into the time of year when garage use reduces.

A basic service of an up & over garage door or sectional garage door will include;

  • checking all fixings
  • checking the open and close limits of the door
  • adjustment of the spring tension for easy operation
  • lubrication of the door
  • cleaning the outside of the door panel
  • if automated, checking the manual override or external release function and changing batteries in the handsets

A basic service of a roller shutter garage door will include;

  • cleaning out the guides
  • checking the open and close limits
  • checking the safety edge is working correctly
  • replacing the batteries in the safety edge sensor and / or handsets
  • lubricating the wheel at the top of the guides
  • cleaning the door
  • checking the manual operation of the door / external override

Remember a little time and effort spent now can save a lot of time and money in the future, as basic maintenance increases the life expectancy of your garage door greatly, especially when living in coastal conditions along the south coast such as Portsmouth, Chichester, Hayling Island and Emsworth.