Prestige doors are a product of unique design, integrating 20 years of ALUTECH Group of Companies experience and global technical innovations. ALUTECH Prestige doors are European quality, simplicity and style in every detail. Reliability and beautiful aesthetics to compliment your home. 

Unique Design

Resistance to Corrosion – Prestige doors hardware is made of stainless steel and effectively protected from corrosion even when operated in high humidity conditions.

Evenness and Silence – Double roller system ensures smooth and silent door operation.

Customized Design – 5 types of sandwich panels, up to 10 standard colours. Exclusive colour “Graphite”, wood finished colours, and more than 200 colours according to RAL or Deutsche Bahn. Individual patterns by digital printing.

Effective thermal insulation – Energy efficiency of prestige doors is equal to a 60cm brick wall, that provides a comfortable temperature in the garage throughout the year.

Perfect Sealing – Frost resistant sealings with two elastic wings ensures better thermal insulation of the opening around the door perimeter and protects the premises from precipitation, draft and dust.

High Wind Load Resistance – Test results show that prestige doors can withstand even hurricane winds of 120 km/h speed.

Reliable Safety – Prestige doors comply with the requirements of international safety standards: EN 12604, EN 12453, EN 12424, EN 12425, EN 12426. all the protection mechanisms are provided in a standard set.

10 Years Warranty – 10 years warranty against perforated corrosion is provided for the door leaf and stainless steel elements of the Prestige door.

Durable Operation – Steel sheets in ALUTECH sandwich panels are interlocked and have a closed contour. This design ensures protection against delamination during abrupt door opening/closing and overheating under the sun and extends the doors operational life expectancy.



Printing on the Door Leaf

Prestige garage doors have the unique possibility to create an individual door pattern using digital printing.

With digital printing, we can apply any image on the leaf of Prestige series doors, making them a bright centrepiece in the exterior.

Unique textures of fine wood, a collection of images with natural stone textures, a variety of theme prints – the design possibilities are endless.

Alutech Prestige M-Ribbed

The Alutech Prestige M-Ribbed is a steel sectional door

Alutech Prestige Cassette

The Alutech Prestige Cassette is a steel sectional door

Alutech Prestige L-Ribbed

The Alutech Prestige L-Ribbed is a steel sectional door

Alutech Prestige S-Ribbed

The Alutech Prestige S-Ribbed is a steel sectional door

Alutech Prestige Microwave

The Alutech Prestige Microwave is a steel sectional door