Hormann LTH Timber Sectional

The Hormann LTH Timber Sectional Range of Garage Doors are designed to perfectly complement timber built houses, or houses that have a lot of timber features.

2 timber options are available Nordic Pine & Hemlock

Nordic Pine is a lightly coloured softwood with a predominately straight grain. Although the timber is finely selected, small heart shakes, individual resin pockets, spiral graining and yellowish brown knots are a natural characteristic of the wood. Nordic pine sectional garage doors are finely machined and constructed, the small and medium sized knots give the Nordic Pine doors a more Scandinavian, rustic-type appearance compared to the Hemlock doors.

Hemlock is a lustrous light greyish brown softwood with predominately straight grain. It has attractive brown mineral stripes and small bark pockets that are a feature of this beautiful timber. Finely selected timber by Hormann ensures that the Hemlock door is generally free of knots and has a warm feel to it.

Features of Hormann LTH Timber Sectional Doors

  • The doors open vertically so that you can park your car in front of your garage without the fear of it being hit upon use.
  • High level of security. When paired with a Hormann operator the S-ribbed Timber sectional gains Hörmann’s Secured by Design Accreditation.
  • Comes complete with fully finished white fixing frame, which is generally concealed by the garage reveal. Coloured profile covers are available in a range of colours to sympathetically match the design or colour scheme of your home.
  • Rubber Weatherseals to keep out draughts and leaves
  • Comes with a front mounted torsion spring (not available as a side-sprung sectional). Low headroom conversion kit is available as an optional extra.
  • The timber panel is impregnated at the factory to protect it against fungal and insect attach. It does require on site treatment with a woodstain or paint prior to being installed.
  • Your Hormann Timber Sectional is manufacturer without a handle hole as standard. This is to give the best possible look to the outside of your property. A number of handle options are available with your Hormann Timber Sectional door for a surcharge including; Black, White, New Silver, Brushed Stainless & Bronze


Colour Stain options available on your Hormann LTH Timber Sectional

  1. Limestone White
  2. Ebony
  3. Pine
  4. Agate Grey
  5. Teak
  6. Fir Green
  7. Rosewood
  8. Nordic Red


The Hormann LTH Timber Sectional can be paired with either the Hormann Promatic or Hormann Supramatic remote controlled operator (depending on the size of the door).
Both are well suited to the Hormann LTH Timber Sectional, they come supplied with an integral receiver, they automatically lock and have an automatic safety cut out to avoid any unfortunately accidents. Both operators come with an internal manual override as well as a courtesy light and internal push button controls..

Hormann electrical operators are provided with a range of boom sizes, depending on the height of your garage door, as well as 2 Hormann handsets for operation. There are a range of other accessories available to go with your Hormann operator

M-ribbed Timber Sectional

The Hormann LTH 42 M-ribbed Timber Sectional

Hormann M-ribbed Timber Sectional
S-ribbed Timber Sectional

The Hormann LTH 42 S-ribbed Timber Sectional is available in Nordic Pine or Hemlock

S-ribbed Timber Sectional