Alluguard Roller Door

Alluguard Roller Door is a UK manufacturer of insulated roller garage doors.

Alluguard Roller  doors operate vertically, rolling into a compact coil with the garage, above the opening. This means that you can park your car right up to the garage door and no valuable space that could be used for storage inside your garage is take up by the garage door.

Takes up less space

Because it rolls “tighter” than other roller garage doors, the Alluguard roller door takes up less headroom when open – just 300mm for the Alluguard 77 and even less for the Alluguard 55 at just 205mm.

Typically the door sits behind the brickwork which allows your existing door frame to be removed.

Every Alluguard Roller Door produced is manufactured to ISO 9001 certified quality systems and CE certified and marked as safe to Directive EN 13241-1.

The product range includes the Alluguard 77 and Alluguard 55, what’s the difference.

The Alluguard 55 has all of the features of the 77, only it’s smaller. The 55 uses a smaller slat which allows it to roll tighter and therefore it requires less space at the top of the door. It’s the ideal choice when headroom is limited and you still want to maximise your garage opening.

Convenience and ease, features of the Alluguard Roller Door

  • Alluguard Roller Doors open at the touch of a button with Smart controls which ensure safe and effortless opening everytime
  • Roller Garage Doors take up considerably less space inside your garage than traditional up & over or sectional garage doors and have no tracks protruding into the garage.
  • Roller Garage Doors provide good weatherseal so that you garage is no longer draughty.
  • By installing the roller door on the back of your brickwork you can increase your drive through width by up to 150mm and your drive through height by up to 75mm, meaning you can finally go and order that larger family car.

They look the part

The gentle curve and the subtle lines of each slat are finished in a tough polyester powder coating or a high grade laminate (on the timber effect doors) to create an overall look that is classic and contemporary.

Peace of mind warranties

Alluguard roller doors are covered by a comprehensive warranty of two and five years (full details below)

  • Alluguard roller garage doors are guaranteed against any form of manufacturing defect for a period of 2 years from the date of original purchase
  • Alluguard tubular motors are guaranteed against any form of manufacturing defect for a period of 5 years. Other electrical and mechanical elements within the control system are guaranteed for a period of 5 years.
  • Alluguard roller garage doors exterior finish is guaranteed to provide an effective weatherproof membrane that will resist perforation of the substrate from the weather side due to corrosion for a period of 5 years Colour change or fade to the exterior surface will be limited and uniform during the guarantee period
Alluguard 55

The Alluguard 55 Compact Roller comes in a range of colours and with Somfy motor and Rolixo Control System

Alluguard 55 Compact Roller Shutter Garage Door
Alluguard 77

The Alluguard 77 insulated roller shutter garage door