Hormann Rollmatic

The Hormann Rollmatic is constructed of the highest quality materials; double skinned Aluminium with a foam infill to give the door it’s insulating properties,

The Hormann Rollmatic is always purpose made to measure, so it can suit any size opening perfectly. The roller shutter garage door was originally designed to be rear mounted on the back of your reveal and the Hormann version is no different, giving a seamless appearance from the front with only the curtain visible.

The Hormann Rollmatic is available as a manual or automated roller shutter. The automated version is electronically operated through either a wall mounted push button or a remote control handset.
The automated version comes with 2 handsets as standard, it also comes with an internal courtesy light which comes on each time the door is operated, or can be operated independently.

Like all roller doors, Hormann’s Rollmatic allows the home owner to park right up to the garage door, increasing the amount of available space on their drive way. The ceiling area of the garage remains clear, meaning that there’s plenty more available space to use within your garage.

The Hormann Rollmatic has a couple of unique features. It was designed from the start to use Hormann’s low voltage 24V DC motor, which is the same that is used in the Up & Over or Sectional Garage Door range. Because the Hormann uses an external motor, the emergency manual override is easier to use than other roller doors and is operated by simply pulling a cord.

The Hormann Rollmatic is purpose made to measure and is available from 1900mm wide up to 5000mm wide and 1900mm high up to 3000mm high. Please note that there is a height restriction at 3500mm width.

The Hormann Rollmatic is available in 11 colour finishes, as well as Golden Oak and Rosewood Decopaint and Rosewood finishes

  1. RAL 9016 Traffic white
  2. RAL 9006 White aluminium
  3. RAL 9005 Jet black
  4. RAL 9001 Cream
  5. RAL 8028 Terra brown
  6. RAL 7035 Light grey
  7. RAL 7016 Anthracite grey
  8. RAL 6005 Moss green
  9. RAL 5011 Steel blue
  10. RAL 3003 Ruby red
  11. RAL 1015 Light ivory


Hormann Rollmatic

The Hormann Rollmatic is available purpose made to measure to fit almost any garage opening.

Hormann Rollmatic in Anthracite Grey